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Alexandra. 22. Texas. College Student. Athlete. Beatlemaniac.

I saw Paul McCartney in concert for the first time on November 14th 2012. Unbelievable.

I have been lucky enough to see him again on May 23, 2013 in Austin, Texas. Best. Night. Ever.

Needless to say, that night was perfect.

I'm seeing him for a third time in Dallas with my mom who isn't an avid fan to say the least but I'm ready to have her change her mind. They're floor seats! This should be fun. Even more than the last time, if you know what happened last time...

This blog is 99.9% dedicated to the best band, The Beatles, and their outrageously beautiful selves. I may occasionally throw in the following: Aaron Johnson, Jim Sturgess, Classic Rock related jokes, jokes in general. [Most of which, however, might still be in relation to The Beatles somehow.]I love the Beatles and if you're following my blog, then I'm sure you do too. Feel free to talk to me and express your love for The Beatles with me. We'll talk for hours and shit. You'll like me, I think. So, what are you waiting for? Let's be best friends!

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" We [Linda and I] had a lot of fun making those kids, let me tell you."
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I love John’s “Look, Daddy! I caught two!” smile.

I love John’s “Look, Daddy! I caught two!” smile.

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Anonymous said: It bothers me how people continue to believe George's birthday as the 25th when his birth certificate says it's the 24th. Even his sister stated so on a radio interview his past birthday this year. It's the 24th. And a lot of those people that believe it's the 25th piss off and bitch and hate at people who say it's the day before, even though it's a fact it is the 24th.


Thanks for your message! Well, in a way George’s birthday is a two-day celebration… After all, Olivia herself said (in an interview with Chris Carter) that if you’d wish George a happy birthday on the 24th he’d say it wasn’t his birthday, and if you wished him a happy birthday on the 25th, he’d say you’d missed it. A copy of his birthday certificate does say “twenty-fifth”, but it seems - since George was born at home - the midwife only filled the applicable paperwork out after midnight (making it the 25th). Mark Lewisohn’s book The Beatles: All These Years: Tune In states the following:

“The baby was close to three weeks overdue when he emerged into the cold front-upstairs bedroom ten minutes into Thursday 25 February 1943. No one could sleep through Louise’s labour pains, and each in turn was invited to see the latest and last addition to the family, another boy. The strong similarity between father and son wasn’t lost on Harry, who later said, ‘There he was, a miniature version of me. “Oh no,” I thought, “we just couldn’t be so alike.”’
He trooped off to next day to register the birth. He and Louise hadn’t discussed a name, so Harry gave it some thought as he walked the short way to Wavertree Town Hall. When he got back, a Louise asked what he’d chosen. ‘George.’ ‘Why George?’ ‘If it’s good enough for the King it should be good enough for him.’ The baby was baptized Catholic [on 14 March 1943], and after a spell in his parents’ bedroom a place was found for him in the childrens’ - he had a small wooden cot, Garry and Peter now shared a single bed, and Louise had another. Along with a small chest of drawers, nothing more could possibly be squeezed into the tiny space.”
It’s certainly not grounds for people hating on others for whichever day it is, though! P.S. George told Billboard in 1992:
"For instance, I only learned recently after all these years that the date and time of my own birth have always been off by one calendar day and about a half hour on the clock."
…and he should know. :)

I always knew the trouble about when George’s real birthday was but I like to think it was in the 24th too. I know I celebrate it on the 25th, as does everyone else, but I like to celebrate it on the 24th as well. Why? Simple. My mother’s birthday is on June 18. Yes, Paul McCartney’s birthday. My dad’s birthday lands on the 24th. Both my parents share birthdays with a Beatle! And get this! The article on the newspaper in my city that was announcing my birth to the world (It was a small little column not the front page or anything. I’m not North West.) was titled Here, There and Everywhere. I swear it’s like I came into this world like I was meant to be a Beatlemaniac.

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George Harrison photographs his fellow Beatles, in Paris (and elsewhere), 1964; screen capped from Living in the Material World

Q: “Do you ever think, because of the magnitude of The Beatles, Beatles songs were ever overrated at all?”

George Harrison: “I think, probably, eighty per cent of them were overrated but then, the twenty per cent that weren’t, were exceptions. I think The Beatles were fantastic, John and Paul were fantastic. You see, the funny position I was in was that, in many ways, this whole focus of attention was on The Beatles. So, in that respect, I was part of it but from being in them, an attitude came over, which was John and Paul, of, ‘Okay, we’re the grooves, and you two just watch it.’ They never said that, or did anything, but it was over a period of time… In a way, I felt like an observer of The Beatles, even though I was with them. Whereas, I think, John and Paul were the stars of The Beatles… I’ve been meeting Paul again, you know, Paul McCartney. We drifted away from each other, suing, suing, sue you blues stuff. I’ve just met Paul and I know that whatever we’ been through, there’s always something there to the us together. We’ve had a big dog collar and we’ve come through the other end and we’ve really picked up to be friends again. I know with John Lennon, John Lennon’s an amazing person who is brilliant, is brilliant. There is no question about it. John Lennon is a saint and he is heavy duty and he is great and I love him. But, at the same time, he is such a bastard. But that’s the great thing about him. You see, I don’t feel I owe John anything or I don’t owe Paul a thing or I don’t owe Ringo anything. I’ve certainly given them whatever I could and I’ve taken from them whatever I could. But I don’t think any of us owe each other a thing and at this point in time, you know, I’m really ready with John Lennon, in particular, to get down and kick down a few doors and let’s get going together.” - 1975

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Top Gear, November ‘64.

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London, 1966


London, 1966

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Paul McCartney, George Harrison & John Lennon


Paul McCartney, George Harrison & John Lennon

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